December 29th - The End of The Spoils

Today is a sad day for The Spoils. We are not happy with this news for obvious reasons but we will still continue to play The Spoils with our friends and we hope that you guys do as well. Our site will remain up and running for the foreseeable future. Over the course of the next week we will be lowering our prices dramatically on all singles to reflect the nature of the state of the game (Sealed Product and Complete sets have already been reduced). Our hope is to get product in peoples hands cheaply so they can still enjoy the game we love. Every order placed will have extra goodies added to it (depending on the size of the order) Promos, Foils, Sealed packs, Top 8 Resources etc. Due to shipping costs, International orders at the discounted rates of Sealed Product will not be valid. We wish all of you the best of luck in your gaming adventures. If Spoils ever makes a comeback, we will be here to serve you. We thank you guys who have supported us all this time and for everything that you have done to promote the game. Thank you so much! Spoils will live on in some capacity if we continue to play with our friends and family.

September 28th - Thank You Sale!

We will be running a special on all Singles on the website. We have sets of Top 8 Foil resources that we will be giving away for every $35.00 spent on Singles from any set. You will not be limited on how many sets you can obtain from this promotion.

Decade of Deckadence was our most successful product in the history of Clockmans existence and we could not have done it without you guys! So Thank you so much!

July 25th - Decade of Deckadence Singles Pre-order!

With the release of Decade of Deckadence right around the corner, we now have singles for the set available for sale. Need an extra playset of a specific card or two for a second deck? Don't want to buy two more full DOD boxes? That's okay! You can just simply buy those specific cards from us without a problem. Please note that all singles sales of Decade of Deckadence will not be shipped until the official release date of the product.

June 13th - Pre-Order the Decade of Deckadence!

This item will ship upon wide release tentatively middle to end of August 2016. All other items ordered with a pre-order containing the DOD will be shipped together upon release.

The Decade of Deckadence is a cube and core set is the next exciting evolution in The Spoils Card Game. The DoD is designed as a stand-alone game that is totally self contained. 2 Decade boxes will get you a playset of every card. We will have all cards available for single purchase as well.

As a “cube” drafting product, the purpose of the DoD is to provide an easy entry-point for brand new players with access to many of the most powerful cards in The Spoils history. Many of the cards in the DoD are extremely powerful!

The Decade of Deckadence™ contains:
428 total cards
67 Full Art Cards from The Spoils History
89 Brand New Full Art Cards
20 of each Staple Resource with New Art
8 Tournament Faction Cards
5 Micromajig Tokens
3 Demon Tokens
New Full Color Rule Book

May 20th - Ungodly Mess Now Available!

Ungodly Mess singles are now available! Head to our dedicated Ungodly Mess page to see the entire set, including Super, Uber, and Ultra rares! This set has something for everyone and it is time to get your hands on those cards you've been waiting for.

Or, if you love the thrill of opening packs, simply click the image below to order yourself a box of Ungodly Mess boosters!

Each booster box of Ungodly Mess will contain 24 booster packs, with each pack containing 14 cards per pack: 1 rare, 3 uncommons, 9 commons, and 1 insert card.

Made with Goodsie.
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