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We at Clockman Card Vault are always looking to increase our inventory to better serve our customers. We try to keep our inventory as full as possible, but sometimes demand makes it too hard to keep some cards from being sold out.

If you have some spare cards that you are looking to get rid of, be sure to check out our Buy List below to see if we would be interested in buying your cards.

If you have any of these cards, drop us an email through our Contact form (found on the left in the navigation bar) or at Include the list of cards you have for sale and we will get back to you shortly with a quote.

Also, feel free to send us your list even if you do not find the cards on our Buy List below. The cards listed below are cards we have low stock on and need immediately, but we are still interested in anything and everything Spoils!

Seed Two: Gloamspike's Revenge 
Party Clowns x12 - $5.00 each
Party Clowns Foil x10 - $8.00 each

Ultra Rares
Brainbath x2 - $10.00 each
Circumspect Hijacker x1 - $10.00
Multi Attachment Man x3 -  $10.00 each
Blazing Shriever x1 - $10.00

Constructed Championship Top 8 Obsession x9 - $2.00 each
Constructed Championship Top 8 Greed x6 - $2.00 each
Constructed Championship Top 8 Elitism x10 - $2.00 each
Constructed Championship Top 8 Deception x12 - $2.00 each
Constructed Championship Top 8 Rage x12 - $2.00 each
Invitational Top 8 Obsession x8 - $2.00 each
Invitational Top 8 Greed x3 - $2.00 each
Invitational Top 8 Elitism x8 - $2.00 each
Invitational Top 8 Deception x 7 - $2.00 each
Invitational Top 8 Rage x 8 - $2.00 each
Judge Obsession x10 - $2.00 each
Judge Greed x9 - $2.00 each
Judge Elitism x11 - $2.00 each
Judge Deception x1 -3 $2.00
Judge Rage x11 - $2.00 each

Warlord Foil Faction x3 [Prize Version with the art on back] - $2.00 each
Deception Foil Faction x2 [Prize Version with the art on back] - $2.00 each
Greed Foil Faction x3 [Prize Version with the art on back] - $2.00 each
Obsession Foil Faction x4 [Prize Version with the art on back] - $2.00 each
Elitism Foil Faction x3 [Prize Version with the art on back] - $2.00 each
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